Szlachet-Stal Sendalscy Spółka Komandytowa

The company was established in 1995 and since then it has not only increased its production, but also extended the range of manufactured devices and improved standard products. Striving for the best possible production of a device – with appropriate durability, functionality and good price is still the priority task of our company.

At present the company employs almost 100 people. The majority of „Szlachet – Stal” employees are young people with high qualifications. They willingly take part in additional courses, trainings in order to broaden or increase their qualifications, get to know the technical novelties and improve the production. All this makes the poultry slaughtering machines and equipment manufactured by our company able to compete on the market with products of the most renowned European companies dealing with the same production.

The best proof of the high quality of our products is the fact that our equipment is exported to countries all over the world, mainly to Germany, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, the poultry slaughterhouse equipped with our devices won the title of „Champion of AGROLIGA 2004”. Our company is also the winner of the following awards: „FORBES DIAMONDS” in 2016, „GEPARD BIZNESU” in 2016, “Worldwide Company” in 2016.



 Szlachet-Stal Sendalscy Spółka Komandytowa
10, Gliniana St.
(Correspondence address: 12a Gliniana Street)
97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski
tel: 44 647 29 54
tel: 44 647 61 74