The intestine pump is used to transport the slaughter packages from the evisceration hall to the place of their storage.


The basic element of the construction is a peristaltic pump with a drive, an inlet basket and a system of pipes for transporting waste. The pump drive mechanism causes the rotation of the impeller equipped with two alternately mounted rollers. The intestine is then compressed by rollers, causing the discharge side to be cut off from the suction side. Depressurization of the intestine to its original shape (on the suction side), just after the roller, creates a vacuum that sucks the waste collected in the inlet basket. The sucked waste, contained in the intestine between the rollers, is pushed towards the discharge pipe.

As a result of the pressure displaced by the roller on the pressure side, the waste is forced into the pipe system and transported to its destination. The effectiveness of the pump is based on the elasticity of the intestine, i.e. the intestine compressed by rollers must return to its original shape.