Automatic poultry cutter is designed to divide the eviscerated chicken carcass into anatomical parts.


The automatic carousel cut-up line consists of a main frame to which the cutting modules are mounted. The control of the individual cutting modules is effected by means of an electrical cabinet integrated into the divider. The standard design of the carousel cut-up line may include the cutting modules listed below. However, the customer may choose a limited number of modules listed, which are similar to modules for ADD cut-up line.
1. Wing stretcher
The wing stretcher module is intended for preliminary positioning and stretching of the bird’s wings allowing for a proper operation of the wing cutting module. Poultry is transported hanging in shackles, it’s breast facing forward. Two steel guides perform the stretching while the birds are moving through the machine. The module is easy to set up and adjust as it doesn’t have any moving parts.
2. Whole wing cutter
The whole wing cutter module consists of left and right cutting units symmetrically positioned in relation to the central line of the shackles. The two rotating blades are mounted on shafts and powered by electric motors. Chicken carcasses are transported to the module with their backs facing forward and are guided through the machine in flat-lying position. The wings are caught between guides and properly positioned by them. The wings cut by rotating blades fall into a container or onto a belt conveyor.
3. Front half (tube) cutter
The front half cutter module that comes next easily removes the front half of the bird with wings and breasts from the back half with legs. This cut is performed by rotating blade with the bird moving sideways through steel guides. The front half falls down into a container or onto a belt conveyor.
4. Adjustable saddle cutter
The adjustable saddle cutter module is intended for dividing of the remaining bird’s body into two or three parts. The backbone is separated from the left and right legs when the twin rotating blades are moved apart. The central part then falls down into a container or onto a belt conveyor. The blades can also be adjusted so that the back is divided into two parts through the centre of the spine.
5. Thigh-drumstick cutter
The thigh/drumstick cutter makes an anatomical cut through the joint and splits the thigh from the drumstick. The two legs are precisely positioned by a separating wheel before they are cut. The cut-off thigh falls down into a container or onto a belt conveyor while the drumsticks are transported to the next module.
6. Unloader
The unloader is a last module which unloads the remaining drumstick which in turn falls down into a container or onto a belt conveyor.


– Compact design, small dimensions
– Practically operatorless – only laborers for hanging chickens are required and all remaining actions are performed automatically
– characterised by a simple design and is easy to install and operate. Compact design and circular and open layout make it easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. It can be easily integrated with other systems when needed