TYPE: OD-1/2/3

The device is used for scalding all types of poultry carcasses in hot water, in order to prepare them properly for plucking.


The slaughtered and bled birds are transported to the scalding tank on the shackles of the slaughter conveyor. In the scalding tank the bird is immersed in hot water for an appropriate period of time. When the scalding process is carried out correctly, the bird is satisfactorily plucked of its feathers. Penetration of water between the feathers is facilitated by pumps installed in the scalding tank or special air turbines, which force the water to move in the scalding tank. Moreover, the turbines stop the hot steam escaping from the scalding tank and inject it back into the water, causing its continuous mixing. Depending on the location and course of the production line, the scalding tank may be single, double, triple or even quadruple lane.


– Each scalding design is made individually, taking into account the real needs of the Investor.



Overall dimensions: L= depends on capacity and poultry size
Heating system Hot water or steam heat exchanger
Temperature control Adjustable, autoamtic
Water stirring Landfowl – side-channel blower
Waterfowl – water pumps