Belt weight segregation is used for sorting slaughtered poultry carcasses or divided poultry carcass parts.


The items to be sorted can be fed automatically (e.g. by a belt conveyor) or manually. In both cases, the sorted items must arrive at the loading conveyor. Correctly loaded elements go onto a weighing conveyor and then onto a sorting conveyor where, according to the set parameters, the catchers sort the elements. Segregated elements fall into containers via a chute basket. The computer system decides which catcher should operate by sending a signal to the appropriate catcher so that there is a proper portion of carcasses or segregated elements in each container according to the pre-set parameters. When a container is full (according to the parameters entered into the system), a lamp lights up (separate for each scraper). After replacing the container with an empty one, it is necessary to press the button located by the given chute basket in order to give a signal to the computer system that the container is free and a new batch of sorted elements can be counted into it.


– High Accuracy
– Wide range of settings for weight ranges
– Improved packaging operations