TYPE: SLB-I 4/98

Beam plucker is used for removing feathers from male and female turkey carcasses.


The basic elements of the plucking machine are a frame with 4 posts and 4 plucking beams hung on both sides on 2 posts. Two opposite upper beams are equipped with flat heads, on which rubber fingers are mounted. The remaining beams are equipped with spatial heads. Horizontal adjustment of beam spreading is carried out with a system of levers and worm gear driven electrically or manually. Vertical adjustment of the beams fixed on poles is done with worm gears and a vertical gear bar fixed on poles (there are 3 gears on one bar). The poultry, suspended on shackles, is introduced by a chain conveyor between rotating plucking discs. Both the angle of the beams and the distance of rubber fingers from the plucked poultry are adjustable.


– Wide range of applications
– Vertical adjustment of the beams
– Adjustable angle of beams and distance of fingers from the plucked bird


Plucking length 2800 mm
Frame length 3100 mm
Frame width 2300 mm
Number of beams 8 pcs
Number of heads 98 pcs
Installed power 16 x 2,2 kW- top beam
4 x 3,0 kW – other beams, 380 V