The automatic weighing station is used to accurately weigh the required number of poultry elements or whole carcasses.


On the top of the rack (under the basket a weight is set, the weighing results are automatically recorded.) A 200 x 400 x 600 container is placed on the scale. Poultry elements Falling through the basket and offset slide in its bottom are collected in the container when the scale shows the required number of weighed items eg 15 kg, the electro-pneumatic control system closes the bottom of the basket. Then the filled container should be replaced with a new one. At that time, poultry elements are collected in the basket. Operation is activated by a special button of the pneumatic actuator control system and the gate valve opens, and the elements collected at that time fall into a new empty container and are further stored there to the required weight, eg 15 kg. Weighing station is equipped with a control cabinet. To the place where weighing station is located, a compressed air system should be connected, terminated with a stub pipe ½ enabling the connection of a flexible hose.


– High accuracy of measruments
– Easy-to-use
– The uncomplicated design facilitates maintenance and keeping the device clean


Installed power 200 W
Power supply 230 V/ 50 Hz
Operation 1 person
Compressed air demand Około 100 L / H
Working pressure 6 atm.