TYPE: WP-1/2

The lung extractor is designed for removing lungs and blood clots from the inside of a poultry carcass.


It is activated by switching on a vacuum pump.
After appropriate vacuum level is obtained, work with guns can begin. The stainless gun end is inserted inside the carcass, the trigger is pressed and lungs, blood clots, water and other evisceration leftovers are extracted. Offal sucked by the guns is collected in the working container, from which it must be removed from time to time. Offal is removed from the working container manually, through a release valve mounted in the bottom of the container.
Depending on customer’s needs, the extractor may be equipped with adequate number of guns and pump with appropriate capacity, which results in the required capacity of the machine.


Working tank volume 300 l
Lung removing time 2 sek.
Installed power ( one lung gun) 2,2 kW