Published: 09/12/2020

Ozone sterilization device using the principle of light release of ozone into the air. Ozone is one of the strongest known oxidants, which in certain concentrations can rapidly kill various harmful bacteria in air and water. It is considered a powerful bactericidal disinfectant.


The ozone generated by the device has strong virucidal, fungicidal and bactericidal properties. Destroys all kinds of pathogens. Reduces odors, removes contaminants and freshens stale air. Bactericidal action of ozone is about 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine. Use for indoor air purification such as medical offices, offices, hotel rooms, restaurants and cars. Ozone generator is portable, easy for professional DIY use Low power consumption, saves energy. Safe, quiet and efficient. Uses high voltage, uses dry air or oxygen in the air as the main material to produce ozone. Eliminates bacteria as well as viruses, reduces odors and freshens stale air.


Type: 220V
Amount of ozone produced: 24 g/h
Item size: 200 * 180 * 140 mm
Weight of the object: 1645g


It is strictly forbidden for people and animals to stay indoors while the device is running. The output voltage is dangerous. It is strictly forbidden to touch the generator in any way during operation. Normal use of the generator is possible for 10 to 20 minutes, in case of a time longer than 20 minutes, it is recommended to use an electric fan to cool the device.Clean the ceramic plate with ethyl alcohol every month and use the device when it is completely dry. In this way, it is guaranteed a longer life of the appliance and correct