Knee-operated washbasins are intended for hand washing in poultry plants, food processing plants, hospitals, laboratories and other enterprises where the outflow of water should not be activated manually.


The knee-mounted washbasin is made of acid-resistant stainless steel.
Equipped with a standard siphon, spout, valve and mechanical water mixer, therefore it should be supplied with hot and cold water.
The water flows out after pressing the appropriate place in the front wall of the washbasin with your knee.
The water flow time depends on the ring placed in the valve and can be
from 4 – 12 seconds. The temperature of the water is regulated by a mixer placed under the washbasin.
We offer knee sinks of various shapes, sizes, free-standing and wall-hung. In addition to the standard washbasins, as shown in the drawings below, other washbasins with other dimensions can be made according to the sketch provided by the customer.


– Hygienic start-up
– Easy to assemble